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Welcome to Turlock Golf & Country Club

Celebrating 95 years of Tradition & Excellence...

One of the oldest country clubs in the Central California Valley, Turlock Golf & Country Club maintains a reputation of a well-respected, family country club that offers some of the finest golf in the area. Turlock Golf & Country Club features an incomparable golf course, friendly and attentive staff, a full range of social events and informal get-togethers ideal for family activities and business gatherings.

So, if you're looking to improve your game, your social life, or your business networking, it's all waiting here for you at Turlock Golf & Country Club.

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Playing Membership

playing mem ad2016

Playing Membership Dues Have Been Reduced!

These memberships are sure to go fast so get your application in today!

  • 1 year commitment
  • Deposit- $500.00 - Refundable upon leaving the club as long as your account is paid in full.
  • Monthly Dues - Single - $325 per month //// Family - $425 per month
  • NO Other Fees! = no capital or lost improvement dues.
  • No food and beverage minimums.

******This category is not available to anyone who has held a Proprietary Membership or Proprietary Lease in the last 2 years immediately prior to the application for a Playing Membership, with the exception of those who sold their membership.

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We thought it would be awesome to have a list of all of our Men's Invitational Winners. We are unfortunately missing some years... If you were a winner or know who they were please let us know! Thanks in advance for all your help!

See below for the list of all winners we have :-)

Men’s Invitational Winner List

72-Phil O’Connell & Dan Gray

81-Dan Gray & Phil De La Porte

84- Norm Elias & Bill Ready

85-Dan Gray & Ron Avila




89- Joe Donahue & Larry Pearce




93- Dan Gray & David Wheeland




97- Joe Riggs & Pete Lozano

98- Marco Dusi & Tome Eakin

99- Brandon Murphy & Bob Lowry

00- Richard Morgan & Bob Renner

01- Tom Clark & Jerome James

02- David Genzoli & Mike Grohl


04- Gary Wahl & Charlie Fernandes

05- William Fleisig & E. Abshear

06- Ski Angle & Adam High

07- Roger Kirkes & Tom Reeser

08- Dan Mills & Steve Ladine

09 – Ski Angle & Adam High

10- John Borrelli & Guy Miligi

11- Tim Brewster & Tony Martinez

12- Ben Bazar & Austin Plaa

13- Marc Sanders & Tony Bruno

14- Kirt Lamb & Sam White

15- Craig Redman & Kurtis Car

16- Chris Martin & Richard Smith

17- Aaron Martella & Randy Elhers

18- Paul Smith & Sam Smith

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